Are you in need of Same Day, Point-to-Point delivery services?

Carolina Express Couriers has a large number of couriers to provide your business with our expedited same day delivery services. Simply contact us by phone or email and we will arrange for a courier to come to your location, pick up the package and deliver it, Same Day in the Greenville Spartanburg and South Carolina area .

For both your immediate deliveries and recurring shipments, Carolina Express Couriers offers customized solutions. We can fulfill your orders and deliveries on your timetable.

Expedited same day delivery services are often used for mail transport, legal documents, bio-medical samples, pharmaceuticals, emergency repairs, critical parts, high value goods, audio visual equipment, bank runs and inter-office deliveries.

South Carolina Service Experts

We know the Greenville Spartanburg South Carolina area like no other. This is where our personnel gained their experience. We are equipped to pick up any package anywhere in the area and deliver it quickly and safely.


Technology is an important part of our business. All our couriers, drivers and technicians are equipped with the latest tracking and dispatching hardware and software available. This allows us to schedule our delivery teams in the most effective way and have them take the best and fastest routes, so that your important package gets delivered on time, every time.

Proof of Delivery

An essential part of Carolina Express Couriers service is to keep you informed about the whereabouts of your packages every step of the way. Our technology helps you do that.


If we don’t provide the services we agree to, you don’t pay!